The Magnetic Materials and Applied Magnetism Laboratory (MMAML) at the Colorado State University is located in the Department of Physics. The laboratory consists of three research groups.

Kristen Buchanan (Assistant Professor)

Kristen Buchanan Nanomagnetism. My research explores lateral confinement and coupling effects in nanomagnets through both experimental investigations and numerical modeling. In addition to being an exciting subject of study from a fundamental perspective, nanomagnets are also important for the advancement of technology, for example, in spintronics devices, storage media, and for medical applications. My present work focuses on the magnetization reversal and spin excitations of patterned magnetic elements. For details on magnetics research at CSU see my group's website.

Carl E. Patton (Professor)

Carl Patton Magnetization Dynamics. The members of Magnetization Dynamics Group work on the front lines of modern day research on magnetic materials and magnetic phenomena, and especially on the linear and nonlinear magnetodynamics and damping in metallic and ferrite magnetic thin films. The various research programs and projects are generally of fundamental interest as well as technological importance for high frequency, radar, and information storage applications. Current funded programs are supported by various government agencies, and private industry.

Mingzhong Wu (Assistant Professor)

Mingzhong Wu Microwave Magnetics and Nanomagnetism. The Microwave Magnetics and Nanomagnetism Group are interested in many topics in magnetism and magnetic materials. The current research areas include nonlinear spin waves, envelope solitons, chaotic dynamics, modulational instability, parametric pumping, magnetization reversal dynamics, ferromagnetic resonance, nanomagnetism, magnetic nano films, and microwave and millimeter wave magnetic materials and devices.