Physics Lecture Demonstration Room

Colorado State University Physics Department

Welcome to the CSU Physics Lecture Demonstration Room

The Physics Lecture Demonstration Room is a powerful tool for enhancing lecture topics and piquing the interest of your students. Currently, there are over 300 demonstrations covering many topics that can be browsed online at your convenience.

New and Improved Demos

Name Topic Location
Thermal Expansion PlateThermal ExpansionShelf 4
Disassembled SpeakerElectricity and MagnetismShelf 32
Cornell PlateInterference and DiffractionShelf 44
Glass in Wesson OilIndex of refractionShelf 40
2L Bottle Leyden Jar and LightCapacitanceShelf 31
Polarization KitPolarizationShelf 44
Coiled Coil FilamentResistanceShelf 38
LensesOpticsShelf 39
Radio ShackFaraday CageShelf 31
Phase InterferenceInterferenceWaves Section
Point Source Sound InterferenceInterferenceShelf 48
Circuit KitCircuitsShelf 38
Center of Mass WandCenter of MassShelf 15
Thin Film InterferenceLight InterferenceShelf 40
Fire PistonAdiabatic CompressionShelf 2
Neon Bulb FlasherRC Timing CircuitShelf 32
Infrared Heat FocusingFocal PointShelf 7
Lead BalloonBuoyancyShelf 11
PC OscilloscopeElectricityShelf 33
Logger Pro Data Collection KitData CollectionShelf 13
Mega Huge UV SpotlightSpectrum/FluorescenceShelf 44
Human Circuit BallsCircuitsShelf 38
Wind BagFluid MechanicsShelf 12